Our Technology

Say goodbye to troublesome, rigid and obsolete Bridge platforms. Welcome to a brand-new ecosystem of advanced technologies, user-friendly interface and solid infrastructure.
Bridge Champ combines the know-how of Bridge gameplay with the security, transparency, and tokenization provided by blockchain technology. The result is a responsive and fun game experience, enriched by an in-game token economy for tamper-proof game achievements.
Blockchain is powering our future. Learn more about Bridge Champ!
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Three main benefits for players


Bridge is a competitive game and it is our priority to avoid fraud. Blockchain technology provides total transparency and immutability of data. This enhances the Bridge Champ platform's credibility and trust.


Bridge is a social game, but when played remotely, people may be reluctant to participate. Blockchain technology grants Bridge Champ's users the most authentic and accurate Bridge experience ever!

Decentralized Platform

Forget about one single game with surplus tokens. Bridge Champ's token, IGNIS, will enable you to pay for multiple games and services, or seamlessly exchange it for other tokens or fiat currencies, as you need.
What makes us different?
Online & Face-to-face play
User-friendly platform & Advanced Infrastructure
Play, earn tokens & get real-world benefits
Real club vibes & social interaction
Free Mobile App & Enjoy playing wherever you want!
Your experience matters! Play, share your feedback, and we optimise the game for you.
BridgeChampBBOFunbridgeReal Bridge
Audio & Video
Casual Play
Play with Bots
Mobile App
Modern UI / UX
Blockchain based: Transparency, Immutable Results
Play to Earn / Gamification
Suitable for Bridge Clubs / Federations
Mini Bridge
Hand Editor
Online Gaming and Blockchain
Online gaming is not only fun. It is a great way to be socially engaged and keep your brain active. With the online gaming industry growing fast, also fraud and misuse of data are increasing. Therefore, we strongly believe that offering rewards through a secure and transparent platform based on blockchain technology encourages you to participate in the game while feeling confident that your money and private information are secure.
Proof of Play
Earn IGNIS tokens simply by playing, as rewards based on your game wins and achievements.
Proof of Outcome
Your game performances are immutable and available worldwide, recorded on the blockchain.
Proof of Truth
All transactions on the blockchain are authentic, and no third party can falsify them.
What the future holds?
Tokenize The Casual Gaming Industry
We aim to offer worldwide players to maintain their gaming status across different online platforms by using fungible tokens.
Bridge Is Only The Beginning
It is the goal of Jelurida, the company behind Bridge Champ, to tokenize the entire online gaming industry, and the social game of Bridge serves as a perfect starting point.
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