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Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

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What is Bridge Champ? - The Best Place to Play Bridge Online

Innovative, versatile, convenient, and most of all focused on you — the new generation of online Bridge. Bridge Champ is the new top of the line platform to play Bridge online. With a modern and intuitive interface, advanced proprietary robots, management tools for tournament and club directors, convenient analysis and teaching tools for teachers, and much more! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just learning how to play Bridge online, Bridge Champ has everything you need.


Casual Bridge Games

Play bridge online for fun with friends, robots and worldwide players. Enjoy the real-life Bridge experience.

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Bridge Tournaments

Play Online Bridge tournaments and meet international Bridge players. You focus on Bridge, we take care of gaming transparency and security.

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Bridge Club Owners

Fully customisable and easy to use management tools for Bridge clubs and Federations.

Bridge Champ has the features you love

Authentic Bridge Club Vibes

Playing online does not exclude having social interactions. On Bridge Champ, you can play face-to-face with your partner or new players, worldwide and for free.

Security and Transparency

To enjoy playing Bridge online, you need a safe environment, and Bridge Champ is the ultimate platform. It offers enhanced security, game transparency, and immutable results, making it the perfect place to play Bridge online with peace of mind.

User-Friendly Bridge Platform

A revolutionary platform where the latest technology meets game expertise. Bridge Champ is easy to use, fit for several experiences, and always available on the mobile app, making it the perfect choice to play Bridge online anytime, anywhere.

Play & Earn

Would you like to play Bridge online and get rewards? On Bridge Champ, you will soon be able to get token incentives and NFTs game achievements for playing Bridge online. Stay tuned!

Join our Club Community!

Are you a Club owner willing to join the Bridge Champ community? Contact us to organise your next Bridge tournaments using the advanced Bridge Champ platform, fully customisable and easy to play!

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Bridge Champ unveiled

What does the Bridge Champ game platform for playing Bridge online look like? Here you can find a small selection of Bridge moments: Tables list and table info, kibitzing, bidding and playing, the end of game screen, replaying the boards, and editing hands. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what you can experience while playing Bridge online, only on Bridge Champ! Play Bridge online now!

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