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Congrats to the Bridge Champ team for being the star of the 56th Int. Tel Aviv Bridge Festival!
Elisa June 5, 2024
Our team clinched victory in the BAM teams event, reached the semi-finals in the strong teams tournament, and secured several 1st place ranks in pair events. Thanks to everyone who visited our booth – it was the most popular spot at the festival! We loved introducing so many new users to the magic of Bridge Champ. Thank you for your support!
56th International Israel Bridge Festival
Elisa May 27, 2024
We are thrilled to announce that Bridge Champ is sponsoring the 56th International Israel Bridge Festival! Join us from May 30 to June 5, 2024, at the Expo Tel Aviv Convention Center for a week of intense competition, fun, and unforgettable moments. Visit our booth to experience our next-generation online bridge platform and test the latest features firsthand! Exciting news coming soon, stay tuned!
Bridge Champ 1.3.0 - New version released
Elisa May 24, 2024
The new version 1.3.0 is here! Dive into the exciting new features now available: New team match UI, new team results UI, rated games, and streaming feature. Don’t miss out on the several bug fixes and improvements to the game logic, wallet, teams, tournaments and bots. Unlock a whole new level of the bridge game experience and update to the latest version now!
8th World Championship by Nations
WOB April 17, 2024
The WOB group is happy to announce the 8th edition of the World Championship by Nations. Winners will get a total of €500 in prizes offered by Bridge Champ. The final stages of the competition will be played on the Bridge Champ platform. Find additional details by joining their Facebook group at the following link:
Bridge Champ 1.1.1 - Tournament director call management and all games panel
Rafael September 7, 2023
We have two new features for you. 1. Tournament director calls management dialog: Communicate with participants and manage real-time calls more effectively. 2. All games panel for tournament director: Monitor and easily oversee all ongoing games. We're constantly improving the platform to make your experience simpler and more efficient. Stay tuned for further updates!
Bridge Champ 1.1.0 - Pages redesign, Facebook and Google login options
Rafael August 16, 2023
New features and improvements, including a new design for login and registration pages, a guided procedure to initiate casual tables, and the addition of "Login with Facebook" and "Login with Google" buttons. Bug fixes include video visibility between web and mobile users, enhanced default settings for tournaments, bot-related issues in bidding and playing and improvements in lead rules and declaration scenarios.
Bridge Champ 1.0.9 - Tournament improvements
Rafael July 28, 2023
Bridge Champ 1.0.9 is out and ready for you! Made exactly how you like, this update brings major improvements in our Tournaments features, better sound and visual effects and much more. Click on Read More to know everything about the update.
Agustin Madala & Alon Birman won second place in the von Zedtwitz LM Pairs NABC 2023!
Elisa July 17, 2023
Congrats to the Bridge Champs, Agustin Madala and Alon Birman! They won second place in the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs NABC 2023, at the ACBL Summer Tournament 2023 in Chicago. An amazing achievement in such a strong tournament!
Bridge Champ 1.0.8 - New website release version
Elisa July 4, 2023
Our new update is OUT! Meet Bridge Champ 1.0.8. Enhanced Play with Bots Tournaments, the introduction of Pairs and Individuals tournaments, several Tournament management tools, and Quick Bid Explanations. Thanks to these exciting new features, Bridge Champ continues raising the bar for online bridge gaming, making it the ultimate online bridge platform.
Bridge Champ 1.0.7 - New website release version
Elisa June 19, 2023
Don't miss out on our newest features with version 1.0.7! We are glad to introduce the "Play with Bots" Tournaments, the New Tournament Creation and Administration (only available for testing), and a revamped the Game History design.
Bridge Champ 1.0.6 - New website release version
Elisa June 1, 2023
The new version 1.0.6 is here! Discover the New Menu and Casual Tables list design update, along with multiple bug fixes and improvements.
Bridge Champ 1.0.5 - New website release version
Elisa May 9, 2023
The new version 1.0.5 introduces the Player Profile page feature, along with various bug fixes and performance improvements. Unlock a whole new level of the bridge game experience!
New 2023 Roadmap
Elisa April 13, 2023
Check out the new 2023 Roadmap and discover the amazing features we’re working on for you! Tournaments, crypto rewards, bots, teaching modules and more. Get ready for an incredible journey ahead!
Bridge Champ 1.0.4 - New website release version
Elisa April 11, 2023
Get ready for new features, including a never-before-seen game results analysis view and the ability to share game results with external users!
Bridge Champ 1.0.3 - New website release version
Elisa March 20, 2023
The development update includes new features, improved gameplay, and several bug fixes. In particular, added support for hand constraints to the hand editor, and users can now delete their own account from the account dialogue.
Bridge Champ 1.0.2 - New website release version
Elisa March 14, 2023
Take your bridge game to the next level with our latest version, packed with new features, improved gameplay, and bug fixes.
Bug Bounty Program
Elisa March 10, 2023
The Bridge Champ team recognizes the value external experts can bring to the usability, stability and security of Bridge Champ, and we welcome and seek to reward eligible contributions from researchers, as outlined on
Bridge Champ 1.0.0 - New Web and Mobile release versions
Rafael January 19, 2023
The development update includes a new game UI, added player games history, several improved bot features, a new comparison chart, improved tournament score calculations and various bug fixes and improvements. You can find the detailed changelog on
Bridge Champ Announces NFT Badge And Crypto Integration
CryptoDaily January 11, 2023
Playing bridge online has become much more accessible thanks to the Bridge Champ platform. The team leverages blockchain technology to connect players and now seeks to advance its solution through crypto rewards and NFT badges.
Bridge Champ will let players generate NFT badges and crypto rewards soon per the new roadmap
CryptoNewsZ November 24, 2022
The combination of fun and exciting play with modern social elements and crypto integration creates an innovative solution never seen before, says Lior Yaffe, the Bridge Champ project lead and Co-Founder of Jelurida.
Bridge Champ Merges Social Aspects And Technology For Players Worldwide
StartWithNFTs August 23, 2022
Many people see technology as a disruptor of social experiences. However, Bridge Champ shows technology is also a facilitator of social experiences, bringing together millions of people through a convenient web and mobile platform.
How Jelurida Takes Contract Bridge Into The Modern Era With Blockchain Technology
CryptoDaily August 14, 2022
The game of Bridge has been top-rated among millions of players for centuries. The Bridge Champ platform will support Contract Bridge and provide a dedicated online platform for club tournaments.
Bridge Champ Makes Good Progress On Its Online Bridge Platform Featuring Blockchain and Play-to-earn Mechanics
Crypto News Flash June 17, 2022
Bridge Champ, a leading provider of online Bridge play, has issued a new progress report. The year 2022 has been off to a good start for the team, and more improvements are on the horizon. Furthermore, the beta program is now open to everyone, and crypto integration has advanced pretty well.
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